mplab icd2 & jdm & pickit2 pic programmer & development board & debugger



mcd-demo2---PIC 16F87X Microcontroller Development Board ( Brand new )

The development board can be used for all PIC16XX/PIC18XX 28PIN or 40PIN PIN devices (except 16 F59)

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Ideal for the Student or Hobbyist
to start developing and testing your PIC projects with this multi-featured and flexiable PIC Development board.

  • PIC 16F87X  Development board 2 consists of : 
  • 8 indicator LEDS
  • ICD2 Header connector for programming / Debugging with Microchips ICD2
  • 16x2 LCD Character display
  • 6 Seven segment display
  • RS232 Serial communication port
  • 16 button matrix Keypad
  • Stepp motor slot
  • 4 push buttons
  • Infrared reception
  • DB9 connector and RS232 Transeiver (for serial Comms)
  • I2C Serial EEprom 24c01B - dipswitch used for write enable and setting device address (on supported eeproms)
  • 2 pin sockect for main Osc (4MHz resonator -Default) allows for easy changing of the main Osc frequency.  Provion for loading caps if using a crystal.
  • Buzzer
  • Reset switch
  • Uncommited PIC I/O ports - So the PIC's I/O lines may be connected to any of the onboard modules or external circuits

4*4 Matrix keyboard 每 to test password lock and other items.s. Buzzer voice/PWM output experiment 每 to practice normal voice, music and PWM output sound.

5-way independent key-press每for easy various key-press input experiments.

RS-232 communication for connection with a PC or any other device with a DB9 connector

Infrared remote-control receiver 每 to practice infrared remote-control decoding and all kinds of infrared remote control.l.

All I / O output to facilitate expansion IIC (I2C) communication 每 to read/write 24CXX series chips with hardware IIC or software IIC directly. SPI communication每to read/write EEPROM of 93CXX with hardware SPI or software analog SPI,to select 8-bit or 16-bit read/write method through jumper.

Clock selection 每 jumper for switch between various oscillation modes, to replace crystal vibration of different frequency as required by development of product.

DS18B20 digital temperature sensor 每 1-wire bus communication, wide range for temperature measurement, high accuracy and sensitivity (remark: chip DS18B20 is optional). Stepper motor driver circuit(remark: Setpper motor is optional). Simulation debugging interface 每 to directly connect ICD1/ICD2/MCD1/MCD2 and carry out on-line simulation for on-board chips and resources

On-board power module 每 can connect to the polarity of external AC or DC power supply optionally, voltage range 7-12V mcu/mpu reset key 1-way A/D converter signal input. 8-way independent LED

12864-character LCD每128*64 lattices.(remark:12864- character LCD is optional).

1602-character LCD每internal 5*7 lattices, to display 16*2-character. 6-bit 7-segment digital tube 每 to realize dynamic or static display experiment of digital tube, to display clock,temperature or to make counter.
128*64LCD is optional Setpper motor is optional

The auction includes

  1. mcd-demo2--PIC 16F87X Microcontroller Development Boar  
  2. serial cable
  3. 1 x RJ12 Connection Cable.
  4. 16F877A Chip
  5. 1602 LCD with Yellow backlight   
  6. CD-ROM (Development PCB Layout,Development Board Schematic,Sample code (C / ASM) for each onboard module, MPLAB 7.50 .)
  7. Power supply(110-240 AC TO 9V DC)

Sample with C and ASM Program sources code as below (using pic16f877a):

  • DS1820
  • Buzzer
  • 128x64 GLCD (See the following Photos)
  • 1602 LCD (See the following Photos)
  • 93C46
  • 24C02
  • 4x4 Key testing
  • 8x LED
  • 7x segment
  • ADC
  • Infrared Remote
  • stepp motor

Optional parts:

  • DS18B20 ( DS1820 ) Temperature Sensor(TO-92 package)  - US$3.00 for each
  • 12864-character LCD Module Yellow Backlight    - US$14.00 for each
  • 1602(16x2) Characters LCD Module  HD44780  Each additional US$3.00
  • Stepper Motor - US$4.00 for each
  • Dupont wire expansion connection 10pcs rad +10pcs black(30cm long)  - US$2.00 for each
  • PIC16F873A(DIP28)- US$4.00 for each
  • PIC16F876A(DIP28) - US$4.20 for each
  • PIC16F877A(DIP40)- US$4.50 for each
  • PIC18F452(DIP40)- US$6.00 for each

Weight : 900g
Package Size: 290mm*220mm*80mm

Price: US $45.99
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